Ken Burns, co-producer of the acclaimed PBS documentary series The Civil War notes that “Richard Moe, in this wonderfully told regimental history, manages to rescue that which Civil War studies so often neglect: the people.”

Moe’s book chronicles how the men of the First Minnesota were among the first to volunteer for Lincoln’s army, thinking they would be home in three months. Three years later, having accomplished “legendary feats of bravery”, and experienced more of the Civil War than any other unit, a small group of them arrived back home.

The timeframe in the book is mostly the summer of 1863 before the Battle of Chancellorsville and ends with the valiant and brutal charge at Gettysburg in which the 1st Minnesota lost so many men in less than five minutes.  Atalaya Productions, in partnership with Emmy Award-winning screenwriter Bruce C. McKenna (The Pacific), is developing this incredible story as a Civil War version of Band of Brothers.


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