Kevin Sites made his first trip to Afghanistan in October 2001, staying 100 days to cover the U.S. invasion for NBC News. In Swimming with Warlords, Sites is back there as a “backpack journalist” on behalf of Internet News sites Yahoo and Vice. He portrays Afghanistan today through the prism of multiple journeys over time. As he tells the stories of the people he met — how they have been affected by this conflict that has cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives—Sites provides a fresh perspective on Afghanistan and America’s role there. He interviewed warlords, ex-Taliban fighters, politicians, women cops and dentists, radio personalities, farmers, drug addicts, international aid workers, diplomats, and military personnel.

Atalaya Productions is developing a TV series in the vein of Homeland, MASH, The Green Zone or Three Kings featuring a 25-year veteran journalist of over 20 wars who takes a hard look at his work and its results in the War Zone.



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