The Harvey Girls

Harvey Girls
Set across the 1920s and 1930s, Harvey Girls will explore the resonant themes of identity, sexuality, sisterhood and female independence as they embark on a voyage into the unknown and seize their chance to live the American Dream.

Restless - comic book cover

A new supernatural drama series from Spiderman and X-Men co-creator Stan Lee that centers on a Native American homicide detective who inherits mystical powers from his shaman ancestors and partners with the psychic descendent of a druid princess from Interpol to catch criminals and fight supernatural foes.



Blood and Thunder - book cover

Blood and Thunder
The epic story of Manifest Destiny that gave birth to the mythology of the American West.

Shadows of War

Shadows of War
The cold, implacable machinery of war comes to the doorstep of a peaceful rural community.


The story of the most mysterious civilization in the Americas that uncovers a magical world and leads us into the unknown.

The Cutting Room

The Cutting Room
A twisted mystery lurks in the seedy underground of one of Europe’s most famous cities.


The Place Beyond The World
The true and forgotten history of America 200 years before the birth of the nation.

Something Lost

Something Lost
The life of a monster.  She is more like us than we want to believe.