Blood and Thunder is a sprawling drama of empire and intrigue—the story of how the western third of North America was explored and conquered in a single generation. It’s the brutal adventure of Manifest Destiny as it was carried out on the ground—with one charismatic, conflicted figure at its center: Kit Carson.

Based on the New York Times bestselling book by Hampton Sides, Blood and Thunder will be a sweeping television epic that depicts the towering egos, bare-knuckled politics, and international maneuverings that led to the claiming of a kingdom as large as Europe. With scene locations as varied as California, New York City, and the White House, the story is primarily set in the mountains and high deserts of the Southwest, where the saga vividly recreates the bloody clashing of three proud cultures—Mexican, Native American, and Anglo-American—conflicts still charged with raw emotion and controversy today. Blood and Thunder follows the taking of the West in all its ruthlessness, majesty, and sweep. It’s a story of love, tragedy, and nation-building on the ragged edge of civilization, where reality meets lurid myth.

Atalaya has teamed with Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions and STX Entertainment to produce a major, multi-episode historical epic. The project will be written and produced by Emmy Award winning screenwriter Bruce C. McKenna (Band of Brothers, The Pacific).


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